A Dovetail Feature

As humans, we have always been builders — constructors of societies, infrastructure, our individuality — meaning and monuments to our being in the world. Increasingly, we see ourselves as separate from other natural systems, able to manipulate and utilize resources we rely on while losing a sense of connectedness to the rhythms of the land, the seasons, or our fellow creatures. We fly over vast swaths of quickly transforming terrain in increasingly turbulent skies and seek air-conditioned, liminal spaces to cool down during unprecedented heat waves. The daily news spouts the word “unprecedented” so often that it has lost almost all meaning — the unprecedented is a new normal.

After the Winter brings together the work of Adam Farcus, Aly Ogasian, Claudia O’Steen, and Lizz Stringfield — artists whose ties to the Midwest shape their understanding of landscape, the environment, and community, especially now, faced with a rapidly changing climate.

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This feature is supported by a generous grant from Arts Midwest