Gabrielle Kruger's painted confections. 
Text and studio photographs by Alix-Rose Cowie

In Autumn 2020, writer and photographer Alix-Rose Cowie dropped by Cape Town, South Africa-based artist Gabrielle Kruger’s vibrant, sun-dappled studio. Kruger prepares paint by drying it into vibrant, weavable strips and “paintglomerate” rocks, creating a process-driven, colorful approach to defining how paint can be manipulated into woven forms and sculptures.

Read much more about Gabrielle Kruger’s process and Alix-Rose Cowie’s studio visit in Issue 02 of Dovetail! Available now.

Gabrielle Kruger (b. 1993) lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa, and is represented by SMAC Gallery

gabriellekruger.com @gabriellekruger

Alix-Rose Cowie is a writer, editor, and photographer based in Cape Town.

alixrosecowie.com @alixrosecowie

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