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Teddy Goitam and Senay Berhe spent two years developing Afripedia in New York City as participants in the New Museum’s NEW INC program, an incubator established in 2014, which fosters innovation and collaboration across art, design, and technology. Afripedia was launched as the first global database featuring the talent of creatives of African descent, including filmmakers, fashion designers, artists, illustrators, photographers, and more, with the goal to change the narrative, correct the diversity ratio, and ultimately reframe what people think is possible in the creative landscape. It has evolved to become an online movement where creatives can share work, be sought for hire by major global companies, connect with one another, and be a part of a growing community.

For this collaboration with Dovetail, Afripedia has curated some of the most prominent photographers across the world. They all have their own entry points into photography; some work in a more documentary style, and others work commercially, such as fashion. They have chosen to highlight a wide selection of photographic work, portraying today’s society, and reflecting the photographers’ personal styles and unique views.

Find it in print in Issue 02! Available now.  @afripedia

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