Part of a series titled The Ghost Who Walks, Lucy Ray’s monochrome graphite drawings depict the passage of time in a mysterious and nonlinear narrative. Rooted in childhood memories of looking at the morning newspaper with her dad and finding snippets of the comic strip “The Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks.” “The editor seemingly chose the weekly strip at random, and therefore, the story never resolved or made any chronological sense. Instead, all one had was a brief glimpse into the life of this lone stranger,” she says. It inspired a suite of drawings in black-and-white that explore the mysteries of events that have just transpired, with vestiges of their participants still lingering in the air. As if freezing wisps of time within a single frame, one is prompted to imagine what scenarios played out earlier, “leaving a trace of something for those who came in late.”

Find more on the artist’s website and Instagram.


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