Iranian-Azeri artist Farhad Nikfam was raised at what he describes as a crossroads between post-Soviet South Caucasian and Persian cultures. Growing up, he was enthralled by romanticized imagery of Western culture throughout the 1990s and 2000s, and is inspired by the meeting places of pop culture, history, and heritage. In his paintings, Nikfam imagines a fantastical world where everyone is in harmony. Symbols and slogans, such as a Middle Eastern carpet-lined castle stairwell or mythical animals with flags on their skin relating to historical Middle Eastern civilizations. “[The] future I imagine is a borderless world with equal rights for anyone, no matter one's skin color, gender identity, or religion,” he says. “I do believe in the power of art in shifting changes in society and sparking minds for achieving this peaceful coexistence.” He is currently based in Bazu, Azerbaijan.

Find more on the artist’s website and Instagram.



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