Part of an ongoing series titled An Unsearchable DistanceEthan Jones' photographs trace a regional history of discovery, determination, and ultimately, decay in the built environment. Specifically inspired by numerous failed searches for the Northwest Passage by explorers who sought to find it—along with fame, glory, and wealth. “For several centuries explorers assumed that the elusive passage was somewhere just beyond the horizon and out of sight. It never was,” explains the artist. “Nonetheless, voyagers drew many speculative maps that invented the undiscovered water route—a practice that blinded them from true discovery and laced their journeys with a lurking foregone futility.”

Jones’ images tour locations around the the Great Lakes, observing cracked and crumbling structures that have outlasted their use. “Various constructions and worn down facades reveal multiple layers of past misjudgments, and serve as a reminder that each newly imagined idea might eventually appear shortsighted.”

Find more on the artist’s website and Instagram.


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