“I’ve always felt a little off-balance and untethered, like the ground is falling or a breeze could pick me up,” writes Dana Oldfather. “In a world full of unknowns, change and impermanence are our only certainties. If I could come to terms with this, would my fear subside?”

In dreamlike paintings where abstract, billowing blue trees might also be something more nefarious, or eerie spotlights capture haphazard, interrupted movements of figures as they clamber across a meadow, Oldfather grapples with a sense of balance amidst change or upheaval. In a hazy atmosphere redolent of eclipses or an impending storm, she explores the moment of transition from one sense of being, place, or understanding to another. “Recently, I've been experimenting with excluding the figure from the landscape to see if the negation, and the focus on the path, says more about what it feels like to be alive.”

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